Prototype your ideas

  • - Frame one question you are curious about, concerning one of your Odyssey plans
  • - Brainstorm to imagine exciting and informative prototypes that would let you learn about this question
prototype ideation..... conversation prototype..... experience prototype

How to make a decision and consider failures

  • - Pay attention to your emotional intelligence; don't try to do the best choice but learn to choose in the better way
  • - Consider that in a Life Design process you can't fail but can only progress and learn by reframing your "flops"
decision process..... failure immunity

Tell the stories

  • - Visualize you in 2 or 3 years, being the person who's living the life you described in your Odyssey plans
  • - Share these stories and note which insights they reveal in you
  • - Tell us about your next step after the retreat!

Generate new options

  • - Looking back at your journal, make three mind maps from activities that engage you, energize you or create a flow state
  • - Make random associations from the maps and create three possibles jobs/activities as new options you would never have imagined before!
mind mapping..... mash-ups

Set your wayfinding direction

  • - Pay attention to the moments of your everyday life when you feel engaged and energized
  • - Analyze high and low experiences to point out insights that are signs to show you a direction to follow
good time journal..... AEIOU method

Get in the game

  • - Let's have a first exchange by video chat or mail

Design your lives

  • - Imagine three completely different lives you could live
  • - Build for each one a five-year plan including personal and professional events, year per year
  • - Assess each plan regarding some criteria: ressources, self-confidence, consistence...
Odyssey plans..... alternatives

Work out where your are

  • - Start where you are by establishing 4 levels on your personal dashboard: health, relationships, work, play
  • - Give yourself a compass by defining what are your workview and your lifeview; see how they interact with each other
empathy..... meaning-making

Think like a designer

  • - Get to know!
  • - Understand and fall within the Design thinking approach, specifically concerning Life design
  • - Understand every step of the Design sprint and the proceeding of the camp
mindsets..... problem solving