The design sprint: 8 days to engage you in new ways

Our goal: to inspire you to action with new ideas and tools

The Designing your life course developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans has been efficient for thousand of their students. We suggest that you follow their method and find your own way!

Staying at Novovento, on a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, you will have the best conditions to do a step aside, be inspired and make the decisive step to your next life.

For some of you it will be a transition to a new life project; for others it will be the opportunity to improve their current life. 

The important point is that you can’t make wrong choices or decisions that you will regret: as designers you will build and test prototypes. Some will succeed, other will fail. Just get off the hamster wheel and be curious to discover what will be your next life.


  • IT IS NOT a psychological or even an esoteric approach. It’s not a therapy. Nevertheless we can consider that being creative and imagining new futures  for our lives is an effective way to give us more self-confidence!
  • IT IS a creative and structured approach, used by designers to generate innovation. Generally dedicated to services or products, this way of thinking is adapted to our lives which are uncertain and constantly moving environments. This methodology will give you ideas and tools to invent your own way and to turn to action by considering that getting stuck is just normal – and is a good starting point to imagine something new.

Run a sprint* who will lead you step by step to think like a designer

  • 6 design sessions, coached by Karl to take one step at a time: give yourself a compass, define your wayfinding direction, generate ideas, create your Odyssey plans* and give yourself options on the prototypes you’ll develop after the sprint…
  • 2 focus sessions dedicated to specific notions: integrate design thinking approach, discuss about how to make a choice and how to consider failing
  • daily personal activities and group time of exchanges
  • inspiration moments on the trails of São Miguel island

* All details in the right column document.