Design thinking: a relevant approach to get to action in a creative way

A human-centered approach as applied to life

During the retreat, we follow the process developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans in Designing your life, the famous course they teach in Stanford. As they say: life is not a problem to be solved, it’s an adventure to be engaged. Life is an Odyssey!

A creative, evolutive, surprising journey that you have to build and rebuild, finding new ways that don’t exist before you live them.
Traveler, There is no way, The way is by walking (…).*

* Antonio Machado. Proverbs and songs, XXIX


Don't plan: imagine, prototype and test

Design thinking is a creative and structured methodology, adapted to uncertain environments – as life is! It’s a way to invent new possibles and to consider being stuck situations as a good way to begin to invent. This approach offers some valuable mindsets as tools to help you:

  • Be curious. Curiosity invites you to explore new paths. It helps you “get good at being lucky”.
  • Try stuff. Dont’ think about what you are going to do. Just try and then test again and again!
  • Reframe problems. By reframing you open up new solutions spaces and so you know that you are working on the right problem…
  • Know it’s a process. Give yourself a compass and a direction and regularly take stock. So you’ll never be lost.
  • Ask for help. Designing is always a collective process. 

You’re not late! For each person it’s always the right moment to build a life that really works for him or her: Begin from where you are. Give yourself a good compass. Define your wayfinding direction. Create your Odyssey plans. And prototype them. That’s the way designers do! And it’s a passionate way. 

So join us and turn to action!

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