Life Design retreat

If you need effective tools to optimise your current life or to go in a new direction; if you feel stuck and don’t know how to take action,  join our first Life Design retreat for a 8-day sprint. Using the creative and structured approach of the designers, give yourself ideas and tools who will make you design a life that you will love!

Is it for you?

This program is for you…

IF you feel at a crossroads in your life without really knowing what direction to take…
IF you know that it is time for you to build a new life project but that you are not convinced that you have the resources within you to get to action…
IF you have ideas, lots of ideas but you do not know which to choose or where to start…
IF you think that you have built a beautiful life project but that there is something wrong without knowing what…
IF you need to get away, to go on a retreat to focus on these fundamental issues!

The approach

During the retreat, we will follow the process developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans in Designing your life, the famous course they teach in Stanford. As they say: life is not a problem to be solved, it’s an adventure to be engaged. Life is an Odyssey!

A 8-day Design sprint

Run a sprint who will lead you step by step to think like a designer:

  • 6 design sessions to take one step at a time: give yourself a compass, define your wayfinding direction, generate ideas, create your Odyssey plans and give yourself options on the prototypes you’ll develop after the sprint…
  • 2 focus sessions dedicated to specific notions: integrate design thinking approach, discuss about how to make a choice and how to consider failing
  • daily personal activities and group time of exchanges
  • inspiration moments on the trails of São Miguel island

The retreat

The retreat is based at Novovento, a peaceful place designed to make you feel relaxed. Located on the slopes of the Sete Cidades volcano, Novovento is a typical azorean stone house surrounded by a huge garden with sea view. The cottage has a capacity of 8 guests: large living room, open-plan kitchen, sunny veranda, wooden deck and BBQ… 24/7 high speed internet access.


958€    spring offer:  only 840€!

All details and booking

See the Design sprint step by step and the program of everyday retreat on Novovento’s website.