Let’s get to know me, Karl, your coach on the Design sprint

Why I trust in DT approach to get to action in our lives

First it seems to be unusual, doesn’t it? Using designers methodology for such a complex human affair as our lives: with its doubts, its questioning, its cross roads marked out with successes and failures. But if you look more closely, you will be able to see how much the designers’ approach can take us to a place where we no longer brood over our hesitations and dare to be creative in our plural lives.
Allow your desires to emerge for being buried by everyday life, venture step by step on paths that do not yet exist: rectify, adjust, and then start again…
Yes, it’s life itself!
The more I deepen the process, the more I make the connection with what I felt was the essence of life: a journey always open to new destinations, a trajectory made of trial and error and which is driven by a creative and enthusiastic desire.
That speaks to you too? So join me, I cannot wait to give you the tools of Design thinking!


Think like a designer: an optimistic philosophy of life

No doubt I would have had more self-confidence and would more have believed in the life projects I was initiating if I had known earlier how to think as a designer.
Now that I have taken this path, it makes me optimistic, confident in the steps I take one after the other – especially here in the Azores, with this Novovento’s project that I am developing with Emilie.
I approach the questions, the difficulties and the situations of blocking for what they are: moments constituting the path. Now also I build my own prototypes! And if they fail, the next ones will be better!


How my personal and professional background allows me to accompany you

Considering that life is movement and having explored various paths of life – in France, in the South Pacific, and now in the Azores, Portugal, in various professional contexts (teacher, librarian, teacher trainer and now entrepreneur), I feel in total coherence with the approach which I am proposing and let you open new chapters of your life.

My professional career of thirty years in education has allowed me to develop the necessary skills for the construction of educational devices and mediation.

Graduated in project management, I have specifically worked on the Life Design approach as developed by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans and have taken their on-line course Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life.

Some milestones in my career

What I propose you on this retreat

  • Emilie and I will welcome you with throughout this 8-day stay at Novovento
  • I will accompany you step-by-step in the construction of your life design project through practical activities
  • I will encourage moments of exchanges within the group of participants during the retreat through daily feedback times