Novovento’s team


At the age of 40, I felt a strong desire to make changes in my life…

Leaving for the Azores, and feel that country I fell in love with on my first trip…

Meet people with various backgrounds and varied life courses,

Share strong moments with them while exploring their projects and desires,

Create and animate a community of dreamers and help them, in my own way, to turn those dreams into possibilities.

I am 43 years old today, I made the step, I followed my desires: it’s your turn !!


My role at Novovento :

You take studies in a business school, first job as a commercial, school teacher for 6 years, training teachers within Erasmus to set up europeans inter-class projects, community manager job, you mix everything … and you get someone who:

is ready to help, with attentive listening of the guests, someone who animates, trains, encourages, manages a group and proposes adapted activities, someone who actively helps in the personal work to develop your project, who deals with communication on social networks for Novovento !!!

you sprinkle with love of cooking healthy local food for the stomachs of the community,

And here I am, ready to meet you very soon in Novovento !!




Novovento, a new adventure!
Novovento represents for me the achievement of very old wishes and new desires. The convergence of everything I’ve learned to do… and what I’ve never done before. An attempt at honesty towards my deepest aspirations and the happiness of inventing an everyday life in motion, made of proximity with nature, openness to others and self-creation. To be a tightrope walker on the wire of life

Let’s get to know
At Novovento, I have the pleasure to accompany you on our Life Design retreat . If I give so much importance to the concept of being in project it is that for me, to live is to be in motion
In my personal and professional journey, this movement has resulted in a multiplicity of living spaces– from Brittany to the South Pacific, a plurality of professional experiences and a constant dynamic of training and self-training that continues today.
To accompany you, I can rely on my experience as a teacher trainer and as mediator and on my skills in project management *. In addition, for a long time head of a media library and resource centers, passionate about spaces organisation, I had my heart set on organizing Novovento, with Emilie, so as to offer you a rich, welcoming environment, mixing spaces of personal thinking and sharing spaces, a favorable environment for the expression of your creativity. Tell us if we have succeeded the bet !!

Some milestones in my career