Nomad looking for an inspiring working space, coach or team leader preparing a camp or YOU who needs to take a step back: get on board!

By setting up in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, our challenge is to offer a place where everyone could have perspective, share ideas, develop projects, and really work on his dreams… Do you recognize yourself? Are you looking for new horizons for your team? Don’t wait any longer: join us!

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Mural at Novovento by @AdamPalmeter artist in residence – August 2018      


6 good reasons to come to Novovento

Working spaces with sea view

High speed Internet access: cable connection 200 Mbps/Wifi 40 Mbps

Perfect place to focus and be efficient

Various spaces in a calm and quiet countryside environment


All your needs close at hand

Towels and linens provided. Daily house cleaning. Tea and coffee at will. Laundry service. Food trucks delivering fresh produce.


Home sweet home

8 persons maximum in 4-bed shared rooms: enough space for everyone to feel comfortable!

Like-minded people

Good vibes for exchanges in a small community with people who share similar interests and questions


Nice and devoted team

Need help or tips for your day? Just ask Emilie and Karl: they are your neighbors and hosts!




May 8 to 17
Breathe and get inspired

10 days of eco-friendly hiking, mastermind group and more…
for a great coworkation at Novovento!


Everyone would like to live several lives. Because there are several persons within each of us, each with their own deep desires. Which is your priority: to optimise your current life or to go in a new direction? Why do you hesitate to go forward? Do you feel stuck and don’t know how to take action?
If you need effective tools, join our LIFE DESIGN RETREATS for a 8-day sprint. Using the creative and structured approach of the designers, give yourself ideas and tools who will make you design a life that you will love!

Next retreat: Spring 2019, from May 18th to May 25th

Our offers


25€Per night

  • 1 bed in a quad room
  • use of the working spaces
  • Internet access 24/7
  • breakfast (self-service)
  • bath towel and linens
  • daily house cleaning
  • tea and coffee at will
  • 1 laundry/week

14+ 8% discount
28+ 16% discount


198€Per night/up to 8

  • the whole place for your group (up to 8 persons)
  • working spaces, assistance and services
  • Internet access 24/7
  • breakfast (buffet)
  • bath towel and linens
  • daily house cleaning
  • tea, coffee and juice at will
  • 1 laundry/week

Team+  Ask for more!
Outdoor activities, full board…